A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Get lost in the open world of "Amber" and embark on a journey in the land of Non; a land full of mystery, discovery and danger. 

In a foreign land with no memory of who you are and why you are there, you wake up eager to discover your purpose and why your fate is tied to a unfamiliar yet familiar girl who seems to be just out of reach. Hone your skills, adapt to the changing world, and fight for your life against a variety of unusual creatures while experiencing this unforgettable adventure.

Pickup your pick axe, man with no name...

"Amber" is still in development so please feel free to leave a comment below detailing your experience. We appreciate ANY feedback as it allows us to make the game better. Thank you for playing!

Log-in Instructions:

Step 1. Choose a unique username.

Step 2. Use the log-in password: itch


Play the Game in your browser NOW for FREE at the Amber WebGL website
(NOTE: Play PC and Mac versions for highest Fidelity Expereince!)

For questions, comments, concerns and suggestions please contact: SleepingZebuGames@gmail.com

Install instructions

All Users: On Game Load: Enter a unique desired username and enter the password: itch

Mac Users: Download  Mac Version and Unzip contained File.  Open the App file titled "Amber" to launch game.

PC Users: Download the Windows Version and Unzip Files. Open "Amber-Windows" Folder and Double-Click the "Amber.exe" file to launch game.


Amber-OSX_v111.zip 220 MB
Amber-Windows_v111.zip 215 MB

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